What people are saying:

July 2011 Eating Energy Workshop

“There were some excellent tips on energy and our food.” -Amy Poalwan

June 2011 Sugar Blues Workshop

“It was helpful to shed light on common craving habits and connect them with void/stress in our lives.” -Kristen Gallagher

“Lindsay helped me re-think some bad habits.” – Jerusha Keene


There are no events or workshops at this time.

If you would like to schedule an event or workshop please contact me for more information.

Current workshops available:

  • Sugar Blues: Learn about the effects of sugar on your body and how to reduce sugar cravings as well as what alternative natural sweeteners are out there and how to use them for healthy living. Recipes, samples and handouts.
  • Eating For Energy: Learn about what foods are best to eat to increase your energy.
  • Living Healthy on a Budget: Learn tips to creating easy, healthy and nutritious meals on a budget. This class will include recipes to help you create budget meals as well as a chance to sample a few of them.