• Seasonal Eats
  • Summer Eats: Collard Greens


    One green that I don’t think gets enough attention are collard greens which are super nutritious and hold up really well when cooking. I love to saute them up with tamari, sesame oil and garlic. Collard Greens also go really well with walnuts, pecans, white beans and dried cranberries. Nutritional Benefits: Collard Greens are filled […]

  • Seasonal Eats
  • Summer Eats: Rainbow Chard


    There are a few varieties of chard which include swiss chard, ruby chard and rainbow chard.  In our CSA share last week we received this beautiful bunch of rainbow chard which is my favorite type (I think mostly because I love the colorful stems).  This green is a hearty green and is so easy to […]