Tips to Live Healthy on a Budget: Exercise


Health is more than just eating well.

Below you will find tips designed to help you live a healthy, happy life.

Exercise is king. Nutrition is
queen. Put them together and
you’ve got a kingdom.
 ~Jack Lalanne

Exercise. (Free to low cost) Include exercise as part of your daily life. Regular exercising prevents you from visiting the doctor frequently and relying on several prescription drugs; this amounts to savings over your lifetime.

Regular activity strengthens your muscles and improve heart and lung function, but it can also reduce your risk of major diseases, stimulate the growth of new brain cells, and even add years to your life. If that isn’t enough physical activity can also help to combat stress, control blood sugar levels and protect men’s health. Studies show just 30 minutes of physical activity on most days is all that’s required to reap big benefits.

The best part about exercise is that it can be done at low cost or no cost.  Walking is free and it is easy to find 30 minutes per day to do it.  Experiment with an exercise style that works for you. Try yoga, pilates, martial arts, walking, running, bicycling, rollerblading, swimming, dancing, weight lifting or competitive sports.

Bonus Tip:  Many yoga studios offer community and pay-what-you-can classes this is an inexpensive way to practice at a studio.  Alternatively, practice yoga at home, there are many great DVD’s, online podcasts and YouTube videos to help guide your practice.

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