Tips: Eating Healthy While Traveling

Eating healthy while traveling can be a challenge but with these easy tips you’ll be able to enjoy your trip and stay healthy without deprivation.

Planes, Trains & Buses

  • Plan where you/what are going to en route
    • Avoid fast foods
    • Bring a picnic with you; pack sandwiches, fruit and a vegetables.
  • Pack healthy snacks
    • Who food energy bars, whole grain crackers with nut butter, homemade trail mix, hummus and veggies
  • Avoid becoming dehydrated on flights by avoiding soda, alcohol, juice and coffee; instead sip club soda or water.
Healthy Eats at Jet Blue Terminal at JFK Airport

Road Trip

  • Pack a cooler with healthy foods
    • Fruit
    • Vegetables & Hummus
    • Bean Salads
    • Nuts & Seeds
    • Whole Grain Bread & Crackers
    • Fruit Spreads & Nut Butters
  • Stop at markets along the way and restock your cooler with healthy foods
  • If your only option is fast food look for the healthiest options
    • Order off the kids menu
    • Look for places with salad bars, vegetable sides, wraps or sandwiches.
      • Healthier Fast Food Options:
        • Panera- try the great selection of salads, soups and sandwiches
        • Au Bon Pain- try their great selection of vegan soups and salads
        • Chipotle- stick to the veggie burrito bowls or salads, however avoid the dairy, chips and tortillas.
        • Boloco- they offer brown rice, whole wheat wraps, organic tofu and a great selection of veggies, however avoid sugar and high calorie sauces, instead top yours with a fresh salsa and tons of veggies.
    • Scope out grocery store and health food stores prepared foods and salad bars.
Road Trips Snacks - Girls Weekend 2010

Room Service & Restaurants

  • Enjoy a soup or salad with and appetizer or share an entree- this will help in controlling portions; you can still enjoy delicious food but you will be saving your wallet and waistline.
  • Avoid the mini bar; Stock your hotel room with healthy snacks so you won’t be tempted to eat the high calorie (and high priced) snacks that the hotel stocks in your room.
  • Do research; if you take nothing else away from this post it should be this.  Take the time to research restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, natural food stores and markets before you travel.  You will be able to make more conscious choices if you already know your options.  You will also be able to scope out the best places to eat so you can enjoy your experience to it’s fullest.
Hotel Room Breakfast- Oats w/nut butter & figs


  • Stick to your regular eating schedule; I know I already said this above and it applies to any vacations but while cruising (and visiting all inclusive resorts) this is when it is most important to stick to your schedule.  You will have food available to you 24 hours a day and for many this means over indulging.  Additionally remember to only eat when you’re hungry!
  • Load up on fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  • Limit your desserts
  • Avoid too may sugary drinks, stick to light beers, wine and clear drinks.  If you want something fruity try seltzer with your choice of clear alcohol and a splash of fruit juice.  Also don’t forget to make sure you stay hydrated! Drink your water!
When my husband and I took our cruise I kept kept dried fruit snacks in my bag (you can see them popping out if you look hard)

Top Healthy Eating Travel Tips:

  • Stick to your regular eating schedule
  • Stock up on healthy snacks
  • Make conscious decisions when choosing to enjoy a poolside drink or that special indulgence dessert
  • Do you research! Find restaurants and health food markets at your destination that have healthy options.

What are your top healthy travel tips?

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