Things To Improve Your Health: Hot Water Bottle

A hot water bottle, yes those big oddly shaped bags that you fill with hot water that you have probably seen in old movies and cartoons.  It sounded a little crazy to me too at first but the benefits are really wonderful and they are inexpensive too.

When I first heard about a hot water bottle, during my health coaching program, I was skeptical and couldn’t really understand how three simple things could really change your life and improve your health, but they really DO work.  It is amazing how small changes can have such a large impact on us.


Fill it with hot water from the sink and water bottles can stay warm up to two hours.

My favorite uses include:

  • To relax my muscles: I love to use the water bottle after workouts to relax my muscles and my body.
  • To aid digestion: Hot water bottles are wonderful to help digestion, especially after a big meal.  Just lay down, relax and place the hot water bottle on your abdomen.
  • To relieve cramps: I often experience awful menstrual cramps and a hot water bottle has become my go to method of relief.  I fill the bottle with hot water, lay down, relax and place the bottle on my lower abdomen and after about 20-minutes I feel relieved.
  • To relieve stress: did you know that we carry a lot of stress around our stomach and hips? After a stressful day I love crawl into bed and lay down with a hot water bottle on my stomach.  The heat and the weight of the bag helps to relieve stress and as a bonus warms your bed, making it nice and cozy to sleep in.


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  1. I love this post because I sleep with a hot water bottle every night because it helps me sleep better. I have high anxiety at night and having a water bottle with me relaxes me.

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